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Tue Feb 09, 2021 4:03 am
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It's been a crazy week fine tuning all the settings and features to provide a starting point for the community to grow. But we are really happy to announce the forums are now live for crew members to access. Although there is not much diversity in terms of content at the moment (We are in the process of writing guides and other content), we hope through our own contributions and contributions of our members that we can create a rich source of information for a variety of games for all crew members who join. Everyone on our Social Club page will be automatically assigned their ranks, however as we can have more people in each rank on the forums, members who are muscle on the Social Club page can earn representative on here automatically by making 50 posts. further promotions will be given when we feel you have earned it through commitment to the crew and your contributions on here.

Nobody is expected to post or contribute but those are the only two things that will ever earn you promotion here. Inactive Leaders or Staff members will be demoted if they remain inactive for long periods of time and active members who have earned a spot will be promoted in their place. As we get more members and the community diversifies into different games we may go through a restructure of how promotions are earned and when they are given, but for now the most trusted and active crew members have the highest priority in the pecking order.

Feel free to browse and lounge in the chatbox, if you're on mobile it can be found in the navigation tab in the top right corner. other than that, we hope you like our new home and we look forward to seeing who turns up and joins in the community fun!
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